Protect Devices

Adapt to mobile security threats in real-time while maintaining normal user productivity.

Manage Security

Get in control of pervasive mobile threats. Enforce compliance. Manage privacy and security.

Protect Desktops

Stop insider threats in the enterprise. Prevent prying eyes from seeing critical data with automatic walk-away security.

Deep security insight. Adaptive threat response. At machine speed.

OptioLabs is a security insight solution provider for the mobile enterprise that delivers adaptive threat response at machine speed. OptioLabs pioneers innovative security solutions for mobile OEMs, Wireless Carriers, Enterprise and Government organizations to enable regulatory compliance and protect against insider threats, sophisticated malware, and privacy-eroding applications.

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Adaptive Security for a Modern Mobile Platform

OptioLabs puts full platform security controls in the Enterprise’ hands.

Mobile Workforce Productivity

Keeping your users productive while still keeping your data safe is the ideal for most enterprises. Artificially restricted devices can cause your users to try to work around your legitimate security requirements.

OptioCore devices enforce work-related security rules only when they are needed, and permit personal unrestricted use when it won’t harm the enterprise. This context-sensitivity means happy users and a safe enterprise.

Proof of Compliance

Monitoring, logging, and understanding regulated communications and events on mobile devices is required, even if it is hard to do with conventional security technology.

OptioCore devices can selectively monitor and log for narrowly defined events, eliminating unnecessary privacy risks, while increasing the Enterprise’s ability to prove compliance.

Secure Sensitive Materials

The trouble with mobile devices is that they are highly networked, highly powerful, and filled with new and ever-changing applications. A typical device is a Petri dish for potential privacy-invading and security-breaching behavior.

OptioCore devices can enforce comprehensive and dynamic policies that prevent untrusted apps from threatening enterprise resources. For example, a typical enterprise rule could close non-essential apps, turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, camera and microphone, Prevent copy-and-paste, and limit true location data to trusted apps only whenever sensitive data is accessed.


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