Can Smartphone Security Be User Friendly?

Can Smartphone Security Be User Friendly?Can Smartphone Security Be User Friendly

Do you consider your enterprise or government agency to be mobile secure? How about user friendly? Is it possible to be both? These are the questions many organizations are facing these days as device connectivity has become the new normal.

Does it really make sense to pay for an expensive camera in your device only to shut it off permanently? Still, no one can ignore the triple threat of irregular user behavior, hacker aggression, and software imperfection. Thankfully, other solutions are available.

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Secure The Camera

Let’s say that your employees require mobile access to data, resources, and communications. However, every cell phone these days has a camera as well. Do you really want them uploading images from your devices to their Instagram or Facebook pages? Of course not.

One choice would be to tell your team they can’t, but this still leaves a gaping security hole. Another option would be to black out the phone, but this lowers the unit value. Plus, in many cases workers need to capture images to do their jobs properly.

Low-Level System Privilege

The key is to be able to secure any function or application at a low-level system privilege. With this fine grained control, you can stop security leaks without losing valuable function. In the camera example, you simply determine where images can be uploaded.

For example, one US state government provides mobile devices to its toll booth workers so they can communicate remotely back to the home office. However, if there’s an auto accident, the state doesn’t want employees snapping pictures and uploading them to the Internet. To manage this risk, contextually accurate security was embedded without losing a valuable function.

Tsunami Of Manufacturers = More Risk

The reality is that, like the PC, devices are getting easier and cheaper to manufacture. With well over 1000 companies in the industry, smartphone security risks have also increased exponentially.

For regulated industries, governments, and enterprises utilizing phones for sensitive data or banking transactions, security – no matter what the device – becomes more imperative than ever. The best solutions can be tailored to the user and device environment without sacrificing valuable function.

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