Who’s Hacking Your Smartphone Microphone?

You’re strolling around the mall while pleasant music plays in the background. Sounds harmless, right? Well, the tunes might contain a high frequency message that only your cell phone can hear. This isn’t subliminal advertising; instead, it’s a real risk to any organization that issues phones to its employees. Implement robust mobile security against today’s threats. Contact OptioLabs today. Harmless Apps? [...]

What’s Wrong With The President’s Smartphone?

Bill Anderson, OptioLabs CEO interviewed on NPR about Oval Office smartphone security Image courtesy of Obama complained about his useless official phone. Trump is not following the rules. Does your enterprise have something in common with these mobile user complaints?  If so, you might want to make a change. Implement adaptive smartphone security. Contact OptioLabs today. No Security Or No Function? While [...]

Momentum Partners Highlights OptioLabs as a Leader in the Cybersecurity Industry

In October and November of 2016, OptioLabs was featured in Momentum Partner’s monthly cybersecurity snapshot which highlights the biggest names in the industry. A globally recognized proprietor of cybersecurity focused advisory, Momentum Partners, employs a high-tech advisory model to pinpoint organizations that are unyielding in their pursuit to provide better security for their clients. OptioLabs was mentioned in the ‘Cybersecurity [...]

OptioCore Named Finalist For The 2017 SC Awards

OptioLabs, a developer of innovative security solutions for the mobile enterprise, recently announced that its OptioCore product has been named a finalist in the 2017 SC Awards, in the category of Best Mobile Security Solution, with the winner to be announced on February 14, 2017. OptioCore has been a natural fit into the broader security mission of OptioLabs, which is [...]

Let’s make Android great again

“He is worried, his aides say, that he will not be able to keep his Android phone once he gets to the White House and wonders aloud how isolated he will become — and whether he will be able to keep in touch with his friends — without it as president.” High in Tower, Trump Reads, Tweets and Plans, New [...]