CTIA SuperMobility Features OptioCore Mobile Security

The recent Yahoo! security breach compromised half a billion user accounts. In response, Yahoo! Chief Information Security Officer Bob Lord wrote, “An increasingly connected world has come with increasingly sophisticated threats. Industry, government and users are constantly in the crosshairs of adversaries.” For the enterprise or government agency, this statement could not be more relevant. Proactive solutions are imperative, and [...]

The Millennial Security Risk

Surprised that Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked? Well don’t be. That’s typical millennial risk taking behavior for you. Are they lazy, careless or relaxed? Surprisingly, it might be that they demand perfection. Either way, it’s clear that millennial security risk is a serious concern especially among enterprise and government entities. Implement contextually precise device security. Contact [...]

Growing Threat Of IoT Security Issues

Today’s smart grid ties in operation and energy measures as a means of energy conservation. In this equation, we find smart appliances and smart meters which all work towards efficiency. Still, as devices and machines become more connected, security risk grows. How much should we be worrying about IoT security issues? More importantly, what can we do about it? Implement [...]

Policy of the Week August 24: Going Dark

OptioLabs was founded to address a problem posed by DARPA for allowing high level government executives to use smartphones without breaching critical security rules in classified facilities. The problem posed was this: How do we enable personnel working in Secure Classified Information Facilities (SCIFs in government lingo) to carry their smartphones around without risk that the phones could accidentally [...]

Can Smartphone Security Be User Friendly?

Do you consider your enterprise or government agency to be mobile secure? How about user friendly? Is it possible to be both? These are the questions many organizations are facing these days as device connectivity has become the new normal. Does it really make sense to pay for an expensive camera in your device only to shut it off permanently? [...]