Look out for ZTE, a little known Chinese handset manufacturer making headway in the U.S.

Quick: which company is the best-selling Chinese smartphone maker in the U.S.? Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei attract most of the attention. But they all trail ZTE, which ranks fourth among handset makers in the U.S. behind Samsung, Apple and LG Electronics, according to a Counterpoint Technology Market Research report cited in the Wall Street Journal. ZTE, based in Shenzhen, China, doesn’t [...]

In the Media: Citigroup Report Chides Law Firms for Silence on Hackings

A recent internal report from Citigroup’s cyberintelligence center warned bank employees of the threat of attacks on the networks and websites of big law firms, and noted that the firms are reluctant to publicly discuss cyberintrusions, according to an article written by New York Times reporter Matthew Goldstein. Law firms can be expected to be targets of attacks by foreign [...]

In the Media: 5 Billion Android Apps Open to Hack

Flaws in the Android™ operating system are leaving more than 5 billion apps vulnerable to hackers, CNBC reported, citing a recent study by FireEye. The open-source nature of Android allows hackers to find the code behind the app, giving them an opening to recreate an app almost identically, but with malicious code, to infect users. One of Android’s biggest vulnerabilities [...]