CTIA SuperMobility Features OptioCore Mobile Security

CTIA Mobile SecurityThe recent Yahoo! security breach compromised half a billion user accounts. In response, Yahoo! Chief Information Security Officer Bob Lord wrote, “An increasingly connected world has come with increasingly sophisticated threats. Industry, government and users are constantly in the crosshairs of adversaries.”

For the enterprise or government agency, this statement could not be more relevant. Proactive solutions are imperative, and they are available.

Implement mobile and device security that adapts to context and usage. Contact OptioLabs today.

More Security

There is no doubt that many current mobile security measures are insufficient. Today, when you purchase a cell phone, the factory programming immediately compromises security by setting up email, social media and even credit card accounts. While this may convenient, it leaves users wide open to cyber aggression.

For the enterprise or government office, the knee jerk reaction is to clamp down and look only for tighter security controls and audits. Unfortunately, this hamstrings a device’s utility and wastes valuable resources.

You Need A Bodyguard

The best kind of mobile security is like a bodyguard. He’s there at all times, in the background scanning for danger. Still, he doesn’t get in your way though. If you want to be in a social place, go ahead. If any trouble appears, he’s sure to notice and step in.

Intelligent mobile security solutions works the same way. Without interfering with the use of social apps or picture taking, they evaluate situations and halt use only when needed. For example, if you’re in a free Wi-Fi zone, you might get a warning that continued use is dangerous or prohibited. For the enterprise or government employee, this value of this type of protection cannot be overstated.

OptioCore Mobile Security

OptioLabs has developed a level of highly adaptive technology to safely navigate today’s hyper-connected reality. As Chief Product Officer, Bill Anderson explains, the OptioCore technology is built into the operating system. It lets the enterprise implement a context dependent rule set that adapts to the user environment and usage pattern. The chief benefits are:

  • High security on demand
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Optimal user experience

This means users can access Facebook and take photos with the same device while maintaining the highest level of security when needed. Just like a great bodyguard.

Meet The Challenges Of The Age

Software and technology are meant to make life easier. Even despite the ever present risk, innovative solutions can satisfy security, productivity and user satisfaction.

Watch Bill Anderson in the CTIA SuperMobility 2016 video below explaining the advanced benefits of OptioLabs OptioCore embedded software solution.

Embed advanced adaptable security into your enterprise smartphones. Contact OptioLabs today.


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