Drivers Are Moving Beyond Just Texting While Driving

Everyone knows texting while driving is dangerous. So are other online activities, such as taking selfies, posting to social media sites, and shooting videos. So why are so many drivers still engaging in such risky behaviors while behind the wheel?

In a New York Times blog post, Matt Richtel reviews the results of an AT&T survey of drivers that shows they are doing much more than texting on their smartphones while driving, including:

  • 27% using Facebook
  • 10% using video chat
  • 17% taking selfies
  • 28% surfing the web

AT&T has actively discouraged distracted driving through its “It Can Wait” public service campaign since 2010, but it appears to not be making a difference. The pull of devices can feel addictive, and there’s a lot of social pressure to be constantly connected and responsive. It’s all too easy to ignore the very real dangers.

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Families need to have very open discussions with new, young drivers about distracted driving and the life-threatening dangers that are abundant when not fully focused on the task of driving. It’s not a one-time discussion, either, but one that requires frequent reminders and checking in. Parents also need to model safe driving behaviors starting long before their kids are old enough to drive. It’s all about keeping our children, at any age, safe and giving parents peace of mind.


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