In the Media: Citigroup Report Chides Law Firms for Silence on Hackings

A recent internal report from Citigroup’s cyberintelligence center warned bank employees of the threat of attacks on the networks and websites of big law firms, and noted that the firms are reluctant to publicly discuss cyberintrusions, according to an article written by New York Times reporter Matthew Goldstein.

Law firms can be expected to be targets of attacks by foreign governments and hackers because they are repositories for confidential data on corporate deals and business strategies, the Times reported. Bank employees need to be mindful that digital security at many firms generally remains below the standards for other industries, the paper said, citing the Citibank report.

Optio Labs insight: When will the U.S. and its allies come to the realization that hiding cyberattacks does more harm than good? By not disclosing such breaches, the problem will only metastasize and result in more breaches of greater consequence over time. Corporate America has the responsibility to divulge information that affects its clients and ultimately the nation’s safety. If left unregulated, the issue will only become more detrimental to all.

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by Francis Knott Bio

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