OptioLabs Joins Cisco, Sonim Technologies at Trident Spectre 2016

Last month, in a partnership with Cisco, OptioLabs participated in the Department of Defense’s annual exercise, Trident Spectre 2016. The event evaluates emerging technologies designed for tactically-focused scenarios by both government and commercial industries. Cisco, along with OptioLabs and Sonim Technologies, demonstrated a secure mobile solution that gives soldiers real-time access to mission critical data such as high definition drone feeds.

As part of a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) mobile solution, OptioLabs’ security solution OptioCore is now embedded in a Sonim Secure XP7 handset that receives on-demand, secure video feeds from military drones. Cisco’s Next-Generation Encryption (NGE) then secures the device and enables administrators to access and manage the mobile handsets remotely from private and public networks.

More information on the significance of this comprehensive mobile solution can be found on Cisco’s blog. To learn more about the specific contributions OptioCore provides, check out our product services page.

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