OptioCore Named Finalist For The 2017 SC Awards

OptioLabs, a developer of innovative security solutions for the mobile enterprise, recently announced that its OptioCore product has been named a finalist in the 2017 SC Awards, in the category of Best Mobile Security Solution, with the winner to be announced on February 14, 2017.

OptioCore has been a natural fit into the broader security mission of OptioLabs, which is to provide rich, context-dependent security by embedding software into mobile device operating systems. OptioCore works to enforce employment-related security measures strictly as needed and permit users wider personal use when it can be done without hurting business needs. The end result? Content employees and a secure business environment.

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“Our team strives to develop innovative security products that address the unmet need for adaptive, enterprise-controlled policies that not only ensure data protection, but enhance a full-featured user experience,” said our CEO Gregg Smith.

The nomination for this award follows news that OptioLabs was given the CTIA Emerging Technology Award. The SC Awards are voted on by judges ranging from industry experts, current and former CISOs, and neutral consultants to academics. All are a part of the SC community. The SC Awards Dinner will be held in San Francisco and honors companies and IT security professionals throughout North America.

“The significance of OptioCore enabled devices is that the technology is designed to enforce comprehensive and dynamic policies that prevent untrusted apps from threatening enterprise or government resources,” says Bill Anderson, our Chief Product Officer. “OptioCore gives Android OEMs a way to future-proof their devices with comprehensive controls on Applications, OS services and resources. OEMs can use OptioCore to help ensure their devices remain reliable and secure against unexpected security exploits and software flaws.”

Learn more about how OptioCore can provide your firm with context-dependent security. Contact OptioLabs today.

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