OptioCore Gains Strength In The Market; Aims At Protecting The Mobile Enterprise With New Pilot Program

OptioCore, the security product that provides protection for Android platforms is gaining ground in the marketplace and is poised for a strong finish to fiscal year 2016.

OptioCore has been deployed to six major Android platforms and is effectively securing both government devices as well as those in the consumer market running Android Marshmallow. Bill Anderson, the Chief Product Officer at OptioLabs, attributes the growth to the desire of Android OEMs to find security, compliance and productivity enablers that will give their platforms an opportunity to stand out.

“OptioCore exceeds their expectations,” Anderson said. “(It) minimizes the time and effort OEMs would otherwise need to develop these kinds of features.”

This is only part of the reason for optimism regarding the product’s future. OptioCore is looking to increase the number of areas it can solve security problems and is launching a pilot program that invites participants to take their OptioCore-enabled devices and combine them with OptioInsight in the deployment.

The expected benefits of the integration are better management of context-dependent policies for users. By having situational policies, the system can apply controls automatically based on any number of factors, ranging from time to location to network. The end result is that the strictest controls are applied only on an as-needed basis and still provides the best possible mobile experience for the customer.


OptioLabs is looking for both private enterprises and government agencies to join the pilot program. “We are confident that we have innovative devices that will benefit highly rugged and government uses, as well as corporate enterprises,” said OptioLabs CEO Gregg Smith.” Smith is hopeful that the pilot program will provide opportunity for further enhancements to both OptioCore and OptioInsight based on feedback from participating firms.

The different needs of government agencies and private firms make feedback from both sides valuable. Government users often need rugged applications and have choices that include the Optio-secured phone, the Sonim XP7 secure phone and a new product being developed that contains unique sensors and runs on the latest Android Marshmallow OS. On the corporate side, clients prefer OptioCore-enabled Nexus 6 devices and have a choice between two enterprise-grade Android Marshmallow phones.

What all of the devices, government or corporate, have in common, is that there is an intersection of product quality, functionality and pricing. OptioLabs is committed to keeping that triangle intact with the integration of OptioCore and OptioInsight.

We welcome all customers with an interest in the pilot program. Email info@optiolabs.com to schedule a meeting or to begin an evaluation.

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