Optio Labs Announces the Acquisition of Oculis Labs, and Names Oculis Founder, Dr. Bill Anderson, as Chief Product Officer

Baltimore (April 8, 2015) – Optio Labs, which creates technology products that make mobile devices more secure, announced that it has purchased Maryland-based security company Oculis Labs, and its CEO, Dr. Bill Anderson, will be joining the company as Chief Product Officer. Oculis is developer of the award-winning products PrivateEye and Chameleon.

Dr. Anderson, a global security expert and Ph.D. in cryptography, founded Oculis Labs to develop products that protect data displayed on a user’s computer and mobile device screen from visual eavesdroppers. The company’s enterprise and consumer product, PrivateEye, protects computer screens against unauthorized viewers by using computer vision technology. PrivateEye recognizes authorized users and lets them in, protects the screen when they are away, and detects and prevents visual eavesdroppers. Chameleon, which was developed for government users, provides a high security display that is readable by the authorized user alone. Chameleon uses gaze-tracking technology to sense where the user is looking and present a display that is clear to the user but illegible to anyone else.

The acquisition, which includes the security software products, intellectual property and patents, as well as the integration of the development team, will allow Optio Labs to provide comprehensive data security solutions for corporations, government institutions and wireless carriers.

“The award-winning product line developed by Dr. Anderson helps to expand our data security reach beyond mobile devices into laptops and desktops, solve the ‘inside threat’ problem, and give us a great end-to-end solution for potential customers,” said Optio Labs Chief Executive Officer Gregg Smith.

As the newest member of the Optio Labs team, Anderson will oversee product direction and product management as well as contribute to the company’s strategic vision. Optio Labs offers mobile security software solutions for enterprises, government and device manufacturers, and its flagship product, OptioCore, has been recognized as the only security solution able to meet stringent U.S. Federal government mobile security policies while maximizing the full range of productivity benefits of Android devices.

“This merger of technologies – combining data from the real, tangible world with information derived from within a device – will help corporations achieve balance between security and efficiency, and remove the limits to employee productivity that have often come with inflexible mobile security policies,” Anderson said.

Anderson is the third senior executive to join the Optio Labs team since CEO Gregg Smith took the helm of the company in December. In February, former Samsung Electronics Co. executive Bryan Glancey joined as Chief Technology Officer and Francis Knott, whose corporate development experience included Aether Systems and Telecommunications Systems, joined as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at the end of last year.

More information about Optio Labs and its products can be found at www.optiolabs.com. The company, which has offices in Baltimore, Washington and Nashville, Tennessee, is a subsidiary of Allied Minds (LSE: ALM). Information on Oculis Labs can be found at www.oculislabs.com.

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