OptioLabs Announces the Launch of OptioServices

BALTIMORE, MD – January 20, 2016 – OptioLabs, a developer of advanced security products for the mobile enterprise and embedded systems, today launched OptioServices, an innovative security services and solutions offering which complements the company’s products for data-in-use and mobile security. The new suite of services addresses the critical needs of today’s leading mobile platforms by providing mobile device assessment services and penetration testing to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and enterprise markets to proactively address threats.

“Mobile security is one of the fastest growing areas of cybersecurity, which as an industry is predicted by Gartner to grow at a compound annual rate of 10.43% to $101 billion by 2018. Thus, the need to adapt and evolve the way we address the mobile eco-system is more important than ever,” explained OptioLabs CEO, Gregg Smith. “With OptioServices, our clients are not only able to benefit from our proven mobile enterprise and embedded systems products, but can go one step further with a suite of security services to proactively address threats before they become a problem. We pride ourselves on providing effective safeguards against data breaches, and with the launch of OptioServices we enhance our position as a leading force in the industry.”

With an average of 15 years of network, wireless and mobile exploitation experience, the OptioServices team approaches each engagement as a hacker would; identifying potential threats and simulating real-world attack vectors to uncover vulnerabilities and security flaws often overlooked on a client’s network infrastructure, devices or applications. Not limited to enterprise customers, OptioServices extends OptioLabs’ talent, inventiveness and capabilities to OEMs – working to ensure that important industry standards for security for products are met prior to market launch.

OptioLabs brings a new approach to data security compliance by offering a suite of services that tackles all the various security needs of an organization to increase its security posture. From protecting against malware attacks and securing mobile data, to eavesdropper prevention and demonstrating compliance, OptioServices allows enterprises and OEMs alike to better protect data and privacy. OptioServices addresses the following critical issues:

Mobile Security – Provides security assessments to proactively identify vulnerabilities in a client’s mobile environment, evaluates the security of new mobile technologies prior to deployment, and protects end-users from targeted threats via evaluation and recommended best in breed solutions.

Securing IoT – Prior to deployment, assists IoT manufacturers by validating the security of their products through secure code review, identification of potential threats and vulnerabilities, and penetration testing of the product.

Securing Applications – Offers comprehensive mobile and web application security testing which provides verification and validation of an application’s security by utilizing the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Standard.

Security Assessments/Penetration Testing – Conducts assessments and testing to identify unnecessary services, unusual network usage, vulnerable software, and network vulnerabilities.

Rapid Deployment of 20 Critical Security Controls – Reviews an organization’s existing security program and, when required, assists in implementing the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) 20 Critical Security Controls.

For more information on OptioServices, please visit: www.optiolabs.com/services/.

About OptioLabs
OptioLabs develops security products for the mobile enterprise and embedded systems. Led by a world-class team of technologists, and leveraging innovations developed for national security protocols, OptioLabs has pioneered advanced security solutions for the world’s leading mobile platforms. With offices in Baltimore and Nashville, Tennessee, OptioLabs customers include federal agencies, commercial enterprises, and device manufacturers. More information can be found at www.optiolabs.com.

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