OptioLabs Announces the Release of PrivateEye Enterprise 5.0

Baltimore (July 7, 2015) – OptioLabs, which creates technology products that make mobile devices more secure, today announced the release of PrivateEye Enterprise 5.0, a major upgrade to the company’s data security and compliance software product that protects computer screens against data leakage and insider threats while enabling employees to work normally.

As mobile use of laptops becomes the norm for most organizations, it has become increasingly difficult for enterprises to control data used in the field. PrivateEye Enterprise helps organizations secure their data where it is most vulnerable – over the last two feet from the display to the user. The software helps to limit the visibility of enterprise data to only authorized users, and prevents unauthorized leakage. In contrast to screen savers and plastic filters, PrivateEye software actively protects the screen and produces an audit trail showing proof-of-compliance.

PrivateEye Enterprise bolsters compliance, security and privacy against insider threats. By providing the ability to record intruder and eavesdropper incidents, an organization can use PrivateEye Enterprise to proactively deal with personnel issues before they become a data breach.

“Enterprise data is already secure when at rest with disk encryption and in motion through VPNs, but there are no IT solutions for securing data while in use,” said OptioLabs Chief Product Officer Bill Anderson. “Traditional security tools only look inside the machines and networks, but in the mobile world the threats are also outside devices, walking around and looking at our many open displays.”

PrivateEye Enterprise 5.0 will be released on July 20th. This major upgrade is designed to improve functionality, performance and stability by incorporating major advances in threat detection technology, new reporting capabilities, broader platform support, and an enhanced user experience. Features include:

  1. Eavesdropper Prevention – Detects and alerts the user whenever eavesdroppers try to read the display.
  2. Screen Protection – Automatically protects the screen whenever the user looks away. Instantly clears it again when the user looks back.
  3. User Recognition –Unlocks the screen automatically for the authorized user. Detects and prevents intruders.
  4. Compliance Logging – Time-stamped logs of all access, protection, and security events are maintained, including pictures of intruders and eavesdroppers.
  5. Policy Management – Security policies are centrally controlled through a Microsoft Group Policy plug-in.
  6. Designed for Mobile – Optimized for Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface tablet with support for touchscreen interfaces, and automatic tablet orientation switching.

PrivateEye Enterprise works with Windows operating systems and requires a standard embedded or USB webcam. More information about PrivateEye Enterprise can be found on the product website, www.privateeyeenterprise.com. The software is part of a portfolio of products developed by OptioLabs that make mobile devices more secure.

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