• Context-based Policies
  • OEM Brand Protection & Platform Resiliency
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Rapid Attack Response
  • Government-Grade Security

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Mobile Workforce Productivity

OptioCore-enabled devices keep enterprise users productive AND secure. Users won’t work around security controls when OptioCore adapts to their changing needs.

OptioCore devices enforce work-related security rules only when they are needed, and permit personal unrestricted use when it won’t harm the enterprise. This context-sensitivity means happy users and a safe enterprise.

Proof of Compliance

OptioCore can log the full Android Framework, including resource and application activity. Enterprises can maintain necessary records of regulated events without impacting user privacy.

OptioCore devices can selectively monitor and log for narrowly defined events, eliminating unnecessary privacy risks, while increasing the Enterprise’s ability to prove compliance.

Secure Sensitive Materials

OptioCore enforces highly sophisticated security capabilities that block, monitor, and manage the inner workings of the Android platform.

OptioCore devices can enforce comprehensive and dynamic policies that prevent untrusted apps from threatening enterprise resources. For example, a typical enterprise rule could close non-essential apps, turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, camera and microphone, Prevent copy-and-paste, and limit true location data to trusted apps only whenever sensitive data is accessed.

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For Android OEMs

OptioCore gives Android OEMs a way to future-proof their devices with comprehensive controls on Applications, OS services and resources. OEMs can use OptioCore to ensure their devices remain reliable and secure against unexpected security exploits and software flaws.

OptioCore is for Android OEMs who want to differentiate their platforms with security, reliability, and an optimum user experience.

  • OptioLabs works with manufacturers to integrate, validate, deploy and support OptioCore in the latest Android versions
  • OptioCore-enabled devices will pass the Google Compatibility Program Test Suite

Optio’s OptioInsight (link to product page) enables OEMs, Carriers, or their Enterprise customers to manage OptioCore-enabled devices.

  • OEMs can offer OptioInsight to their customers and partners to author and deploy sophisticated security policies.
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