• Fine Grained Policy Controls
  • Context-based Policy Management
  • Industry-specific Compliance
  • Enterprise User Management
  • Security Reporting & Analytics

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The mobile enterprise needs to be able to control and monitor what happens on their devices, but conventional tools allow only basic controls for a limited number of features. OptioInsight lets the enterprise control all of the 3,300 functions that make up the Android OS. With OptioInsight, enterprises can define specific rules for what devices and apps are allowed to do, and when they are allowed to do it.

Fine Grained Policy Controls

OptioInsight creates policies that control each of the 3,300 system methods in Android, delivering targeted security protections while enhancing the user’s device experience.

Context-Based Policy Management

Enterprises can define security policies that adapt as the mobile user moves through different environments – ensuring strong security when enterprise resources are used, but allowing user full access at other times.

Industry-Specific Compliance

Meet industry regulations such as HIPAA and FISMA with comprehensive controls for mobile devices. OptioServices can help organizations develop policies for specific needs.

Enterprise User Management

Synchronizes with Active Directory and automatically updates device policies for registered enterprise users.

Security Reporting & Analytics

Tracks system, application, device and user behavior for all Optio-ready devices to feed data analytics for emerging threats.

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