Ridge Global and OptioLabs Partner to Offer Effective Cybersecurity Products and Solutions

BALTIMORE, MD – April 27, 2016 – OptioLabs, a security insight solution provider for the mobile enterprise, and Ridge Global, a leader in helping organizations become cyber resilient, today announced a strategic partnership to bring innovative cybersecurity products and services to the market. The partnership offers a unique marriage of both organizations’ tremendous talent pools; positioning highly talented minds in mobile security and cyber risk management to provide a full spectrum of cybersecurity solutions for enterprises facing global cyber threats. In addition to the partnership, Governor Tom Ridge, Chairman and founder of Ridge Global, joined the OptioLabs Board of Advisors.

Bringing together some of the industry’s leading risk and mobility security experts helps to ensure all security bases are covered for large and mid-size enterprises looking to reduce their risk and increase their security posture. Governor Ridge has assembled a team of globally recognized experts who offer clients strategic counsel on identifying, preparing for and mitigating cyber risk. Coupled with OptioLabs’ renowned mobile security experts, each with over 20 years of experience, this strategic alliance introduces a comprehensive approach to combating today’s global cyber threats.

“While there may not be a ‘silver bullet’ that can address all of today’s growing security threats, taking a comprehensive approach to assessing and responding to those threats is the next best thing,” said CEO of OptioLabs, Gregg Smith. “We take the protection of our clients’ information very seriously and have teamed up with Ridge Global to help us stay at the cutting-edge of innovation. The background of Ridge Global speaks for itself, and we look forward to incorporating their expertise with our mobile architecture to offer clients encompassing and effective security solutions.”

The pressure of dealing with cyber attacks is a constant challenge, one that most enterprises, regardless of size, are not equipped to handle. By combining forces, Ridge Global and OptioLabs are able to offer an all-inclusive approach to security that addresses everything from securing mobile environments, conducting security testing on networks, applications and devices, cyber risk assessments, executive education, technical training for security personnel and cyber insurance. Organizations will now have access to high quality security solutions that provide protection from every angle. Further enhancing the significance of this partnership is the agile nature of both companies which will provide customers with rapid response in order to meet their needs.

Ridge Global is continually evaluating cybersecurity tool sets to address evolving threats and provide clients with access to the latest and best solutions. The company offers quick, comprehensive risk evaluation using The Ridge MethodologyTM that is used to develop customized plans to meet each organization’s unique needs, to help ensure best-in-class protection, insurance, education and incident- response services.

“At a time when mobile devices have become ubiquitous, the team at OptioLabs has developed a mobile security architecture to keep your data safe,” said Gov. Ridge. “Where in the past we were solely concerned about protecting data inside the office, the reality is more and more data is being stored on our smart phones. I was immediately impressed with the people at OptioLabs and am delighted to initiate this new partnership that will provide our clients with even greater cyber resiliency.”

OptioLabs brings a new approach to data security compliance by offering a suite of services that tackles all the various security needs of an organization to increase its security posture. From protecting against malware attacks and securing mobile data, to eavesdropper prevention and demonstrating compliance, OptioLabs allows enterprises and OEMs alike to better protect data and privacy. Specifically, OptioLabs protects the mobile enterprise through the combination of its OptioServices and Security Insight Platform that enables context-sensitive threat response – protecting enterprise data across all platforms by intelligently correlating human behavior and digital threat patterns from multiple sources at machine speed. Through its work with OEMs, OptioLabs also ensures important industry standards for security products are met prior to market launch. For more information on OptioLabs’ OptioServices, OptioInsight, OptioCore and OptioAware, please visit: http://www.optiolabs.com/products-services/.

About Ridge Global

Ridge Global was founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, to help organizations decrease security risks. He has assembled a team of globally recognized experts who offer clients strategic counsel on identifying, preparing for and mitigating cyber risk. Ridge Global offers the latest technology, is continually evaluating cyber security tool sets in order to make the latest technology available to clients and is recognized as an international thought-leader on cyber security. The company is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Tel Aviv. To learn more, visit www.ridgeglobal.com .

About OptioLabs

OptioLabs protects the mobile Enterprise with a Security Insight Platform that enables context-sensitive threat response at machine speed. OptioLabs develops innovative security solutions for leading mobile OEMs, Wireless Carriers, Enterprise and Government organizations. OptioLabs is headquartered in Baltimore Maryland and has an office in Nashville, Tennessee. More information can be found at www.optiolabs.com.

About Allied Minds

Allied Minds (LSE: ALM) is an innovative U.S. science and technology development and commercialization company. Operating since 2006, Allied Minds forms, funds, manages and builds products and businesses based on innovative technologies developed at leading U.S. universities and federal research institutions. Allied Minds serves as a diversified holding company that supports its businesses and product development with capital, central management and shared services. More information about the Boston-based company can be found at www.alliedminds.com.

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