What’s Wrong With The President’s Smartphone?

Bill Anderson, OptioLabs CEO interviewed on NPR about Oval Office smartphone security

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Obama complained about his useless official phone. Trump is not following the rules. Does your enterprise have something in common with these mobile user complaints?  If so, you might want to make a change.

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No Security Or No Function?

While we’re not sure about the level of security that President Trump’s smartphone carries, some are raising serious questions. According to NPR, when questioned the White House had no response on digital safety for the Tweeter of the Free World.

President Obama complained about his smartphone saying that onerous security made it practically useless. “It doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon in 2016. “The phone doesn’t work. You can’t play your music on it. So, basically, it’s like — does your 3-year-old have one of those play phones?”

The Conundrum

Having a smartphone with most of the features disabled is a waste of time and money.  While the goal is to keep the President secure, when you take all the value out of the device there is no point in using it anymore and the security becomes redundant.  IT should also exist to serve and enabled productivity.  

NPR interviewed OptioLabs’ CEO Bill Anderson about the president’s phone security:

“I think the challenge is for the security people that are supporting White House communications to improve their capability to secure the platform,” Anderson told NPR. “That platform could let him tweet and yet not be at risk. So, they need to catch up with what you can actually do with technology, not just say ‘no.’ “

Enterprise Smartphones Require Smart Solutions

This situation is all too common in the modern enterprise. The usual solutions can be cumbersome or dangerous. Separate phones for work, insecure apps being downloaded or official work phones – like Obama’s – that offer little to no value. The answer is to implement technology that allows the phone to detect a situation and adjust its security profile likewise.

Insecure WiFi? The phone makes non-work apps and sites inaccessible or alerts the user to the danger. Want employees to be able to take photos for work? Then set up the camera’s control so that it can capture images – but not upload them to social media. Want to be able to tweet with no worry? Then build it into the phone.

Meeting Demand In A World Of Threats

Unfortunately, many companies and government entities don’t do their due diligence on this subject. So they either leave huge security holes or completely hamstring team communications. Still, there are solutions out there that allow for user specific and context specific control adaptable to the organization’s needs.

As a candidate, Trump changed the rules by speaking directly to the people through Twitter.  As President he needs to maintain that policy using a smartphone that keeps him secure as well as connected.

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